The fascist serpent is still here.

Jorge Arturo Colorado
2 min readJan 30, 2021

Sometimes it seemed like a hoax government, sometimes a fascist dystopia, where lies and conspiracy theories were almost institutions. Other times it seemed like a government of the most incompetent, corrupt, and pretentious people.

But the United States is robust, and the economy was doing well; it worked on automatic pilot, so back in 2018 and 2019, full employment was almost being reached. We know that if someone tries to destroy a country takes a lot of effort and time. It could be a total and fast in a war like World War II, but it takes more time to try an institutional dismantling like in Venezuela or Somalia.

So the United States would not collapse in four years, even with Trump in the chair.

Of course, resistance, absolute respect for the institutions, and each State’s independence were advantageous that other nations have not had; that was the only way the United States dealt and stopped some people like Steve Bannon.

But when the COVID-19 arrived, there was no possibility of stopping it because inability, ignorance, and stupidity cannot deal with this kind of disaster. Finally, one year later, the COVID pandemic almost destroyed the US economy and took more than 400,000 lives.

But the “cherry on top” was when Trump didn’t accept the elections’ results and finished with a mob of far-rightists, neo-Nazis, supremacists, and Qanon conspirators attacked the Capitol.
It was a national shame.

The moral of this fable is that democracy will never be safe, under our feet, in our institutions that protect our rights, and even in our collective ideas, the fascist serpent is still there, waiting to bite and poison us.



Jorge Arturo Colorado

Anthropologist, amateur astronomer, science communicator.