After the Storm

Jorge Arturo Colorado
2 min readNov 7, 2020


The celebration for Biden as US president is not for him. It could be anyone else. I know that his administration will be almost the same but at least we are going to have a competent person in the White House, someone who can makes rational decisions in national crises. Also, Biden is someone who could detoxify our political environment.

I read in his second term, Mr. Trump planned to establish very restrictive policies for legal immigrants and asylum seekers His administration has frozen any applications for asylum and legal immigration. Trump has also become an example for cynical populists around the world.

Is important to say that, as a legal immigrant and a Latino, I have never had any problem during this time. I felt that I was always respected, and felt protected by the federal government. I think that was positive. how NASA was financed, Trump put Jim Bridenstine as NASA administrator and he did a terrific job. But at the same time, Trump dismantled important environment policies, cannot deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, even with “game plan” from National Security Council in his hands.

Anyway, today Mr. Trump is history, but he will be remembered for a long time, books, movies and documentaries about this particular time will be make in the future. Trump will be an important figure in remembering the first decade of the 21st century for future generations.

The United States of America is a great country.I know that many U.S. citizens are skeptical about it, but this country has shown that its institutions are solid even under intense stress, such as having Trump as president.

The strength of the United States is the constant reinvention that comes from immigrants, people who come here from all over the world with optimism and faith, even over the deep social problems that exist in the United States . We know that this country is capable of doing much more that it has done recently; that is the promise that this country offers, and that immigrants believe — virtue that some who were born here do not see, and that Mr. Trump contradictorily wanted to stop — the flow of immigrants, the mighty melting pot that gives the US its strength and appeal.

And this is how history goes.